The games are cool. They ease stress, distract from reality and produce many impressions. Here is the top list of the games to play on pc, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE which were tested by us. You won’t regret the time, efforts and broken gamepads.

Ordinary people usually share their opinions about their working day, meetings with friends in the café and short naps during the breaks. If you want to add colors to your life and have amazing stories about saving princesses from the dragon, saving the world from the evil forces, and steal cars from peaceful citizens, choose the right way to spend time – play games.

One important thing: the list is not a top rate of best games on PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, these are games of recent years, which we play. We spend endless nights playing these games and we would recommend them to play. Just believe us, we won’t advise you anything bad.


The witcher 3: wild hunt

Available on PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

Gerald specializes in killing monsters. He is traveling around the fantasy world looking for a girl Tsiri. She can stop Wild Hunt (just believe that it is terrifying and bad). He is walking along with the fields and forests, killing griffons. When he has breaks, he has relations with different beautiful girls and entertains. He is bobbing and weaving.

Any part of “The Witcher” is extremely good, and every next game is becoming better and better. It is not even fair concerning competitors. They must be ashamed of themselves in comparison with “The WItcher”. “Wild Hunt” is full of super created quests, where you can face a really cool unimaginable story. All the quests and decisions passed influence the game final. It really motivates the gamers. The combat system has got many advantages in comparison with the second part of the game. Signs have acquired in utility, and the world is highly detailed and opened to a such extent that it is impossible to imagine.

It will be a nice game even for those who are fond of cool novels. And OMG, there are lots of epic coubs were born because of localization! One of the most fun games in its genre.



Available on PS3, PS4

You are a strange person. Your aim is to reach the farthest mountain ever. The plot is mainly connected with this aim. But you can’t even imagine what wonderful and magic and unusual gaming experience is covered there. This is a meditative and beautiful game full of perfect landscapes, music, and graphics. You will have to walk through the most picturesque locations in the game.

There is nothing usual in the game. There is no map, no hints, no multiplayer as it is, but! During the journey you can meet another player and start your cooperation. You can walk to the mountain together. You will know nothing about your companion except for he is a living man. You have no ways of communication, but for shouts. And only at the end of the journey, you will see the name of your companion in titles. A very unusual and cool gaming experience.


Grand theft auto v

Available on PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE

There is no sense advertising GTA. Every creature has known about all the wonders of this world since Vice City. One of the most popular games. But the fifth part (the 15th in the series) – is something unique. And Rockstar even spent 266 million dollars on it! Just for developing the game! There are three main characters here with detailed traits of characters. Their life stories are combined. The final goal is to clean out the US Federal Storage. You need to steal 200 million dollars in bags and pockets.

There is unlimited freedom in GTA V. There is also an open dynamic world, the ability to switch the characters at any moment and even 3 ways to finish the plot of the game. You will have to steal, visit strip clubs, steal cars, love, watch TV, do the yoga, play Tamagotchi, make selfies and smuggling. You can do whatever you like.

And the breaking news for those who missed the latest years: there is finally a multiplayer in GTA V. All the things described you can do online with your gang, and it is not necessary to have friends. But be ready to death like in “The Game of Thrones” – very unexpected.


Deponia the complete journey

Available on PC

Deponia is a cool humorous quest, boosting logics and knowledge. It is an ideal choice for those who can’t stand shooting games and consider usual quests as primitive and boring. The plot is connected with Rufus, who is tired if life on a tiny planet, piled with litter. He is building plans to escape.

You won’t need IQ of a genius to play the game, don’t be afraid. But puzzles and plot are really cool, and the solutions are not always evident. Deponia The Complete Journey is one of the best games in its genre. But be ready, that localization cut off almost half of jokes. So, if you speak English, play it in the original.


Brothers: a tale of two sons

Available on PC, PS3, XBOX 360, PS4, XBOX ONE

A fairy-tale cooperative puzzle-adventure with an uncomplicated plot, but with a powerful moral background. There are two brothers, whose mother died long time ago. And even the father is going to pass away. The only way to rescue him is to find juice from a big tree. It is growing over the mountains, forests, fields and rather far. It is a touching and dramatic story which is told by the authors without any words (understandable for humans).

There is no cooperative campaign here: you will play for two brothers simultaneously (be ready to have gamepads, or it will be difficult without them). First of all, it is difficult to understand how it is possible, but a bit later you will get used to and even begin to experience pleasure while playing the game. The gameplay is original and intuitive: there are just two buttons of collaboration with the surroundings, and two sticks to control the brothers.

There is nothing here, except for the plot line, and it is passed for about 4 hours. All the scenes and buildings are distinctive and atmospheric. There are no repeated mechanics, but there are lots of wonderful landscapes. The story itself is sometimes cruel, bloody, but the main thing that it is magic and rather emotional.



Available on PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

A team online-shooting game created by Blizzard with a fantasy depiction. In the future the machines have rebelled as it was promised by the Terminator. Only the Overwatch organization could suppress the revolt. Everything got calm and peaceful and there was no need in the heroic actions from the team. The members of the team went home. But a few years later criminality has increased and the Overwatch team had to make a reunion again. They had to take arms to save peaceful dwellers.

A multiplayer ideal has achieved perfection. Judging by Team Fortress 2, which is played even 10 years after its release, it is evident: team shooting games are out of time. If they win the audience, they will never lose their positions. Blizzard didn’t impose its game, the noise rose and didn’t calm down from the first day of beta-version. And after the release, the servers broke down, though they were calculated for something superhuman. The stream of those who wanted to play the game was even more than that superhuman.

There different characters in Overwatch. Every of them has its story and skills, lots of arenas, and modes. (3 maps in each). You don’t need to level up or customize the heroes like in the framing games pc. Everything is solved by your skills – nothing redundant. The gameplay is intuitive and clear, and the depiction will be attractive even for girls. You can’t drag your girlfriend off the monitor while you are crashing everything.


Fallout 4

Available on PC, PS4, XBOX ONE.

The nuclear explosion created a post-apocalypse. Survived only those who managed to reach the bunker. All is half-destroyed or half-mutated. 200 years later a hero leaves the bunker and goes for a walk along the destroyed world looking for his son – Shaun.

Generally admitted that it is one of the most expected projects of 2015 was more successful than not. Locations are worked in details, enemies horrify, quests are interesting (though, frankly speaking, there are some tasks like bring me something laying on the road, that are extremely boring). The plot is increasing its tension and finally the main character is involved in the monstrous story. For the real fans of the duology it arises only pains, and for the rest it is more or less preferable.


Life is strange

Available on PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE

A hipster adventurous movie-quest, really cool interactive routine, where you live as student girl Max. At a critical juncture a tender creature reveals the ability to unwind time and correct the mistakes. At the beginning the skill is mainly used for daily students’ problems. But later, it turns out that the city is in danger, and it would be nice to prevent a catastrophe.

The game was released as a soap-opera, episode by episode. And if the first parts were like a soap opera for teenagers, in the middle of it, the moaning is sidelined, and the most terrifying mystery about the girl like in “Twin Peaks” takes the leading position. Every decision and action has its consequences and sooner or later it will inevitably turn around. The set includes a cool soundtrack, a well-developed detective story, reality with a pleasant part of mysticism. The only disappointing fact is that the final is the same for everybody no matter what decisions were taken beforehand, though it remains the leader among must play games.


Uncharted 4: a thief's end

Available on PS4

The main hero Nathan and his wife bought a house, chose curtains suitable for sofas and lived happily and peacefully until Nathan’s elder brother appeared. He must be dead, but survived. And, at least, in previous parts Nathan was a hunter for treasures. Since then nothing has changed. A suddenly safe and sound brother sates that in Madagascar there is a treasure. And the fellows are going to look for mystical Libertally.

It is an impossibly beautiful exclusive for PlayStation. It made lots of PC-gamers buy a console. “A thief’s end” is a detailed action from the 3rd person with puzzles, skirmish (the number of arms has increased and the skirmishes themselves are very close to real life), action-scenes like in Hollywood blockbusters and the opportunity to choose the answer in the dialogues. But be ready to become strongly disappointed by Russian localization.


Need for speed (2015)

Available on PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE

There is no sense introducing a legendary racing game Need for Speed. It got its reputation since the beginning of 2000. This is not just a game, it an epoch in the word of racing games. There is everything in the release of 2015 that was lost in previous parts. Advanced car customization, a wonderful open world, and races with the police all these is available here.

At the beginning it seems that the idea belonged to promoters who wanted to earn as much as possible from nearly dead product. But, in fact, the game of 2015 absorbed the best elements from the previous parts, and as the result it is just Need for Speed. It is just for those who experienced burst of adrenaline on the keyboard, gamepad or the real driving wheel. It is not like drag racing games for pc.


The elder scrolls 5: Skyrim
Сool computer game — The elder scrolls 5: Skyrim

Available on PC, PS3, XBOX ONE

Welcome to interactive “The Game of Thrones”. You are a born dragon, who visits the province Skyrim just when it is necessary. The world is in great danger because of dragons, and you will have to overcome lots of difficulties to stop fire-spitting creatures and their lord Aldoine.

The world is also infinitely open, and the gamer can do whatever he likes. Graphics is immensely beautiful and arouses incomparable esthetic pleasure. In addition, there is also a full freedom of actions: you can create a family, you can become a thief, a killer, an honorable knight – even a princess. There are also amazing fights, the opportunity to level up certain shots and skills. The plot is good because certain RPG mechanisms generate their own history, it is original and one of the most addicting games. This is the fairest “Skyrim” trailer ever.


Dark Souls

Available on PC, PS3, XBOX 360

Here everything is so dark as in the horrors about “a black-black street on the black-black city”. Humans have suffered from an illness, transforming everybody into dark souls. And the main character makes a long trip to retrieve the balance and stop the coming Dark Epoch. And you are walking all over the world, passing quests and fighting with enemies.

You can hardly find something funny or simple here. Only extreme difficulties and fear, only hardcore. Do you remember “Turtles” on Dendy where you died and started from the beginning? It is almost the same, but a little bit easier. Every single creature taller than half of a meter kills you readily, and every death throws you back taking back saved experience and achievements. But it is good that you will start not from the beginning.

Dark Souls strengthen the character and makes magic with nerves, and according to the new trends to simplification of the games, it makes the game excellent and priceless. It is a must for those who like to overcome difficulties.


Tomb raider (2013)

Available on PC, MAC, PS3, XBOX 360

“Tomb Rider” 2013 is a prequel to the first game of the series. Lara turns from a graduate of the archeological university into a vehement sex-symbol for all the gamers. Together with the expedition Lara is looking for a lost civilization, but a terrible storm destroys the ship, and everybody who was able to survive found themselves in the cost of an uninhabited island.

When Crystal Dynamics announced that their plans are to update the most famous woman in the games, the world held its breath. It is evident that remake is a strange thing, especially of good games. But, in fact, everything was nice: an ideal fighting system from 3rd person, a pleasant gameplay, and a real system of achievements and survival skills. Frankly speaking, the puzzles have vanished, which were the symbol of the old game about Lara Croft. But the advantages are more than drawbacks, let’s take a good competitive system in multiplayer and a pleasant look of Lara Croft.


Mortal kombat X

Available on PC, PS4, XBOX ONE, ANDROID, IOS

You will hardly forget broken gamepads on Dendy, but time flies and fighting games have changed. In recent years “Mortal” is growing its popularity and evolving, and in the 10th part it is felt especially powerful. Bones are cracking here so noisy as never before. For instance, Sonya and Johnny Cage have children, who inherited their parents’ love to blood and rip out insides everybody. For example, in the 10th part you can expunge a man’s part of a father by his daughter.

There are new heroes like Predator, and those who returned from vocations (for example, Tanya from the 4th part). Generally, ideal combo pairs for fighting. Some diversity was also added: every character has its priorities which you can choose at fighting. Among controversial issues – the opportunity to buy Fatality. The old-fashioned system is still on, but you can quit it by payment.


Watch dogs

Available on PC, PS3, XBOX 360, NINTENDO WII U, PS4, XBOX ONE

Lots of jokes were made about the title of the game. A man in a fashionable cap is a magic hacker – he hacks the phones of rich and honorable people through Bluetooth. But during a party he was almost caught and the pursuit starts. During this hunting the main character’s niece dies. And he makes up his mind to become an avenger.

The plot is not so capturing, hardly memorable or has anything special. But there are some amazing dialogs and jokes that smooth the situation over. Immense beauty and depiction are all around, though there are some problems with physics and textures. There will be lots of Easter eggs in the plot, “hide-and-seek” games, action, skirmishes, races and good quests outside the main plot line. Though we haven’t realized how the dogs are connected with it yet.


Far cry 3

Available on PC, PS3, XBOX 360

It is a mixture of adventure – shooter – RPG from the 1st person, where the main character is a boy, whose vocations were spoilt. Jason Browdy (it’s you, get acquainted) visits his friends on the exotic island, where they spend time, hang out, make selfies, jump with parachutes, until they are caught by pirates-sadists. Jason could escape, and he had a strong desire to put a revenge into practice.

A cool open world with frightening realistic graphics and plot, all these won’t let you leave the PC or console. The gamers will have to conquer pirates’ territories, hunt different wild animals and boost the hero from a weak man to a cool fighter, who will save the friends and got matured during the time you spent together. It is a must among survival games.


Bioshock Infinite

Available on PC, PS3, XBOX 360

A shooter, capturing the imagination and striking it to the depth of the soul. A private detective Booker gets an order: to reach the flying city, but its location is not known, and get the girl out of trouble. Then it turns out that the world is going crazy and a destructive war is going to begin.

Plot synopsis is quite usual – the princess is in the tower, a hero with dark past, and the world is going to corrupt. But it is all combined in the way, that something new is being created. Though the world is not real, you are absorbing in it and believe: the atmosphere and depiction capture the attention. Everything is cool here. Every tiny thing is important in the plot. Amazing fights, really entwined story told in the form of movie-shooter.



Available on PC, PS4, XBOX 360, IOS

Something terrible has happened in the world: everything fell into pieces, and the only intact place is – Bastion. A fair-haired boy, who you are going to play, wakes up in a strange place and is going to walk in the Bastion direction. There he learns that the fortress was destroyed and to restore it and wipe the evil must, he will have to put all the efforts, and that is what you are going to do.

A very pleasant and detailed wandering game, where you can hardly realize at first sight what is going on. You are travelling along different locations, fighting with local enemies and difficulties, then you go back to Bastion. There you take arms and herbs and go back to fight. In the middle of the game you have a vision of how to choose arming reasonably according to strategy, and this adds lots of interest to the game.



Available on PC, PS3, XBOX 360, PS4

A fantasy wandering game that looks like Bastion at first sight (the same company developed them), but in fact it is something different. You will have to play for a red-haired singer Red, who became a victim of an outrage, and she decided to take a dreadful revenge. She is supported by a talking sword Transistor, that has a conscious of a stranger, who saved Red’s life.

In general, everything looks like Bastion, action-RPG from the 3rd person, where you are travelling across the beautiful fantasy-world, fighting and passing small quests. But the gaming process since the first game has become deeper, the story more private, and the process is more atmospheric. If you want to moan, you can say that the fights are similar, and the length of the game is quite short.


Portal 2

Available on PC, PS3, XBOX 360

A high-top puzzle-experiment with difficult tasks – for masochists, who prefer complex logical tasks, and who like to get a challenge to their brains. And it is for those who can’t imagine their life without difficulties. The plot is simple: the main heroine, Chell, comes to senses in one of the boxes in the scientific laboratory Aperture and makes an attempt to escape. She has a portal arm, that can move her and other things.

At the beginning everything will be not so difficult, but it is just a beginning: further even the simplest things are becoming unclear, and the empty room will become a quest. It must be good for those who like brainstorming and want to get all the profit from the game.


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