Turtle Beach headset designed for consoles like Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch as well as for PC and mobile cell phones is a necessary accessory in the modern world. Moreover, there are various colors of this device, which make the headset even more stylish and unique. Turtle Beach is certainly a reliable gaming headset that was developed for budget customers. So, if you want to save some money and you aim to purchase high-quality device-these headsets are the best choice for you. Even though there are better premium models, Turtle Beach is concerned to be the best device because of its quality and price.

The company produces gaming headphones for those people who want to purchase something reliable and long-lasting. You will find a reliable budget or sleek premium headset for your gaming computer with its latest devices: Elite, Recon, and Atlas for PC and consoles. Turtle beach gaming headset is developed specially for games, that is why all of the additional functions are designed for communication and online-games. There are turtle beach ps4 headsets for those who have PlayStation. Those who have another console can find the best Xbox one headset. These headsets are quite different from those usual devices designed for TV-sets and mobile phones.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

turtle beach elite pro 2

Elite Pro 2 is equipped with Aerofit earcup, which is made of the combination of spandex fabric and gel foam. They are cool to the skin and take the shape of your head. That is why you will not feel tired after a tense long game. Furthermore, gel foam in the earcups is very gentle to ears and your head, you won’t have any problems with ears pressure.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is fitted with ProSpecs Glasses. This so-called relief system allows four-eyed players to keep their spectacles during the game.

In addition to listed characteristics, Elite Pro 2 has 50 mm nano clear overhead speakers, offering great sound without any lag and sound distortion even during big explosions and great fights. The headset is fitted with surround sound 7.1, allowing you to immerse in the game and distinguish different tones clearly.

Like the last year’s model, the new headset has a detachable microphone with noise-reduction function which will be appreciated by your team members and this great sound will make your play even more realistic.

Unlike the last year’s Elite Pro headset, the new standard model of Pro 2 is fitted with Elite SuperAmp. This is a software that provides not only PC but also PS4 and Xbox with 7.1 Surround Sound. This function supports Bluetooth, so you can download a mobile app and enjoy the latest innovations. Due to this technology, you can configure the headphone equalizer via your smartphone.


Turtle Beach Stealth 700

turtle beach stealth 700 xbox one

Ear Force Stealth 700 is one of the best gaming headsets Turtle Beach for PS-4. It offers the best wireless technologies in terms of sound and functions. Stealth 700 offers the latest version of the unique Beach Pro Specs technology for people wearing glasses, as well as a leather-inset headband and ear pads.

The headset automatically connects PS4 or PS4 Pro with a USB drive, so you don’t have to use any wires during the playing process. Superhuman Hearing is an amazing option that helps FPS players in online games.

The headset is also fitted with the technology of surround sound DTS Headphone: X 7.1, which allows you to understand the origin of various sounds in the game. For example, an explosion or a barrage of bullets.

Despite all of the built-in technologies, turtle beach stealth 700 has a 15-hour long battery, which makes it the best ps4 headset in terms of its efficiency.

In general, this headset is designed for PS4, but there is also turtle beach stealth 700 Xbox One, and this device offers Bluetooth-connection and apps for IOS and Android.

Summing up turtle beach stealth 700 review, it’s important to say that headset is a great device due to its price, stylish design, and wireless Bluetooth connection.


Turtle beach elite 800x

Turtle beach elite 800x

Turtle Beach Elite 800 x is a high-quality headset that will surprise you with its design and functionality. An optic audio-cable can connect to the base station and run the power from the console, which doesn’t seem perfect. PS4 has two USB ports, located on the front. Moreover, one of them should always be plugged if you use Turtle Beach Elite 800.

Elite 800 surround sound is one of the best among gaming headsets. Turtle Beach promises a 10 hours long battery, but it is not quite true, especially when you use functions like noise reduction. If you take part in marathons, this headset is a good choice for you.

In terms of the sound, Turtle Beach Elite 800 is fitted with DTS Headphone: X 7,1, a technology of surround sound that makes your play realistic. Due to this technology, turtle beach elite 800 can be called the best headset 2020.

There is a certain advantage for multi-player games. You can easily determine where the sound comes from and eliminate the threat. Elite 800 also has many various settings. Foam ear cups are soft and you feel comfortable wearing this headset. The headset fits closely to the head and creates passive noise reduction. However, there is also an active mode of noise-reduction. Unfortunately, you can’t use noise reduction in all of the games, but it is possible to use this function in some of the playing spaces. Turtle Beach does not change its tradition and this headset creates a feeling of virtual surround sound.

In general, Elite 800 is considered to be one of the most high-quality headsets designed for PlayStation 4. The assembly quality, sound, and clear Bluetooth connection make this headset a must-have for all gamers. What’s interesting, you can even answer calls during the game.


Turtle beach stealth 600

Turtle beach stealth 600 modes

Turtle beach stealth 600 is a sufficient high-quality headset with diverse soundscapes that do well with many game processes. The virtual surround sound of Stealth 600 will amaze you with its quality. The sound of gun fires is getting louder especially when bullets and explosions cover the soundscape. However, a large number of sounds together can mute some of the tones but it is a good result for such an affordable price.

Stealth 600 Xbox one is a wireless headset, so you don’t need any wires, a base station, and an adapter. This headset has a microphone that can catch even the loudest tones. The headset will surprise you with virtual surround sound and 15-hour battery.

The 50 mm Stealth 600 audio drivers provide a satisfying sound beyond virtual surround sound and other turtle beach stealth 600 modes. So, you can try different modes to find the sound you like most. Unfortunately, you can’t set the sound via an app, but this number of various options for a headset for 90 pounds is a great result.

Stealth Beach for Stealth 600 ps4 has several obvious advantages. They are a strong sound and its price. Moreover, a clear Bluetooth connection makes Stealth 600 one of the best wireless gaming headsets.


Turtle beach stealth 300

Turtle beach stealth 300

Stealth 300 was developed for Xbox One and PS4. Turtle beach stealth 300 was tested with two games: Marvel’s Spider-Man and Overwatch. The headset offers clear and compressed sound, no matter what you are doing. For example, you can try to find some details in an orchestral hall or chat with the members of your team.

Stealth 300 has 4 different audio presets, they are Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Bass, and Vocal Boost. All of these presets were developed to emphasize different sound peculiarities. Many of these improvements are supported by built-in power amplifiers which improve usual stereo headphones.

Many believe that Signature Sound is the best preset. This is not surprising, it keeps a balance of the sound. Before choosing a favorite preset, people usually think about actions they concern about during the game. It depends on the most important details. Some people prefer to pay attention to the dialogues of the characters, other players prefer to listen to the sounds of nature. Marvel’s Spider-Man is a nice example where you can hear various sounds. Your game will become even tenser and exciting with this headset because you can clarify the conversation of citizens which is combined with the speech of the spidy and the crimes happening around.

Unfortunately, other presets don’t have any peculiarities. Except, perhaps, some of them have an increase in the deep tone, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is a noteworthy model in terms of price-quality. It is not a high-class expensive headset with a perfect design and innovative features. However, if you want to get a device with a strong sound and get an opportunity to discuss the game process with friends, Turtle beach stealth 300 will surprise you with its functions.


Turtle beach recon 200

turtle beach recon 200 review

Making turtle beach recon 200 reviews, it can be said that it is a budget headset from a trusted company. The headset was designed not only for PlayStation Pro, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, but also for Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

The headset has quite an attractive design that will please you. The white model is very attractive and stylish. The ear cups are made of faux leather but they are quite comfortable and cool.

This headset can’t be called a high-quality premium device, but it is easy-to-use. The main advantage of turtle beach recon 200 is its bass. Recon 200 has really strong bass sounds.

This headset was developed for games. You can try it with action games, especially shooters. Be sure that the result won’t disappoint you. The constant bass boost amplifies the noises in action and it helps to get bright experience playing games like Call of Duty and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. You can also use this headset for watching movies, listening to music, Skype calls, and various activities.

Like many of the inexpensive game headsets, Recon 200 doesn’t have active noise reduction.
This device is not the best choice if you prefer to listen to music during a workout, it will be not comfortable for you. That is why you should better use the headset in a quiet room at home.



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