8D music is becoming popular on the Internet. Perhaps some of the users have already heard the term «8D music». Many people will be intrigued by this innovation and how this type of sound differs from ordinary musical compositions. It seems that this is a new marketing move by digital hardware developers to raise prices for devices that support this format. In this article, we will try to understand what’s 8D audio and find differences from the flat sound.

8D music-is it a fraud or a new format?

8D music-is it a fraud or a new format?

Many music fans today eagerly search for their favorite music tracks in the famous 8D audio format on certain sources. Critics, who are themselves users, have different opinions on this issue. Some believe that 8D audio is a breakthrough in sound technologies. Others remind that such an «8D» sound was created in 1976 by the famous French composer Jean Michel Andre Jarre. Some compare 8D audio to concert sound. For some, the new effect is similar to the ASMR phenomenon: people listen to such recordings to relax before going to bed. There are reviews of a more unusual reaction to 8D sounds: some recordings help to get rid of ringing in the ears or pain.

Experienced musicians and just amateurs know that you can only achieve surround sound in music using a special device. The listener should also follow some steps to get the sound he needs. You can get surround sound with a certain number of music speakers. Experts are also familiar with the term stereophonic. It stands for 3D sound (or surround sound).

It is important to say that a simple phrase — «This is a good device» will not help producers to sell anything. The aim is to surprise and interest the audience. And when people feel the effect (or illusion), that’s when prices for such products begin to rise. The most important thing is that people usually buy it.

Does surround sound really exist?

how does 8d audio work


The most important question is “How does 8D audio work?” What’s interesting, is 8D music is distributed along with the video clip. Often videos have a round element that shows the equalizer. The sound pulses displayed on it move around the circle at the speed of music playback. At this point, it feels like the music source is moving around you. In fact, your imagination has played a trick on you. Just turn on this track on your MP3 player or mobile phone and listen to the same song without a video. Or create your track online.

After that, download any previously created track with the movement of the stereo channels and add to echo elements. Most likely, you will not feel the difference. Frankly speaking, «8D audio» is just another fraud for insufficiently experienced users. The developers of such videos simply use popular terms that they borrow from movie producers. The Discovery of new formats for video has brought the creators of the film industry an incredible profit at a certain time.

A large number of users discuss 8D music and prove their point to each other on music forums and in comments under similar videos today. Once again, to make an unbiased conclusion and understand what 8D music is, you need to turn off the video accompaniment while listening. Even inexperienced users will make sure that nothing happens except the transition of sound from one side to the other. You can edit music with this effect without anyone’s help.

8D music replaces a visit to a concert hall

8D music replaces a visit to a concert hall

In the comments under such videos, you can often find «experts» who claim that such music in 8D replaces the concert sound of a musical composition. This is absolutely not true. For example, the technical side of such videos. Music on YouTube video hosting in AAC with a maximum bitrate of 256 kbps will never sound the same as at a real concert. But it can be edited.

Professional musicians rehearse for a long time. They «smooth» the channels of the instruments so that each gives a certain sound in the right direction in the hall. At the same time, they rearrange music sources and again test the desired sound delivery.

Impressions from listening to 8D music

Impressions from listening to 8D music

If you listen to such an 8D song on YouTube with headphones, then perhaps you can get the impression of a wide surround sound in 8D format. But few people would like to listen to their favorite track with a moving sound «back and forth». It is much better when the sound comes out of 2 channels at once. For those who want to get more impressions from listening to their favorite music, you can recommend choosing music in formats without loss of quality (lossless). For example, Flac music format.

Find your favorite artist’s music track with .flac format and enjoy the quality. And if you play such a track on special equipment, you will get the maximum pleasure from such a pastime. Music in this quality can be found on torrent trackers and various web sites.

Today, you can listen to music in a high quality format on almost any non-budget device. It can be a smartphone, an MP3 player with Flac support, or a computer with a good audio system. If you like this kind of 8D music, no one forbids you to listen to it. Those who like it, recommend to listen to music in good headphones.


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