The presented list of TOP 10 best drones for kids will interest not only young pilots. It will surely capture the attention of modern parents who are always aware of new trends and want their children to keep pace with the times. As you can see, the modern world of good drones for kids is extremely large and you need to spend a lot of time trying to understand all kinds and peculiarities of unmanned devices. Unfortunately, adults usually don’t have enough time to get all the necessary information on this issue.

The following article consists of the list of the most popular drones for kids reviews for now which can be recommended as the first drone for children aged 8-14 years. The TOP 10 includes two types of drones: Nano and Mini, which the main purpose is to teach you how to fly a drone correctly and safely.

This table was made for you to choose a drone according to the functions you need. If you want something with a built-in camera, you don’t have to read about all of the quadcopters, just choose a device with a camera and read its review. Moreover, there is a summary at the end of every review which shows the advantages and disadvantages of every drone included in the top drones for kids list. This summary aims to help you to compare the quadcopters and choose the best one.

The suggested quadcopters can also be used by children under the age of eight, but only beyond parental control. The quadcopter should fit the following parameters to get into this TOP list: safety, quality of performance, flight qualities, durability, functionality, and popularity. Let’s start with the last-10th place.

Dear parents, as well as young pilots! Before reading the article, it is important to remind you that no matter what size the drone has, it can be dangerous for both the user and other people in careless and inept hands. You should act carefully to get a positive experience from owning a device. Remember! Safety first! By following the simple rules of launching a UAV, you can avoid many troubles. It is highly recommended for parents to read the rules and familiarize their children with them!

NameCameraFlight timeFPVAltitude holdHeadless modeFlight environmentPrice
Eachine E010/JJRC H36No5 minutesNoNoYesInside/outsideFrom 23$
Dwi Dowellin D72 megapixel5 minutes2.4 GHz Wi-FiBarometerYesInside/outsideFrom 40$
Eachine E013 Small Pepper1000 TVL5 minutes5.8 GHz analogNoYesInside/outsideFrom 36$
Parrot Mambo FPVHD10 minutesWi-FiUltrasound+ optical sensorsNoInside/outsideFrom 179.99$
Hubsan H111DHD6 minutes5.8 GHz analogueNoYesInside/outside From 98$
Hubsan X4 H107DHD5 minutes5.8 GHz analogBarometerYesInside/outsideFrom 80$
Xiaomi MiTu2 megapixel10 minutes5 GHzGPS+sensorsNoInside/outsideFrom 60$
Tello Drone5 megapixel13 minutes2.4 GHz Wi-FiUltrasound+ optical sensorsNoInside/outsideFrom 99$
Blade Inductrix FPV600 TVL4 minutes5.8 GHz analogueNoNoInside/outsideFrom 199$
Hubsan X4 H502SHD12 minutes5.8 GHz analogGPSYesOutsideFrom 120$

10. JJRC H36/Eachine E10

drones for children - JJRC H36/Eachine E10

These are two absolutely identical quadrocopters, even though they are produced under different brands. The design of the quadcopters was borrowed from the more expensive and functional Blade Inductrix. Both drones were appreciated by consumers due to the growing popularity of FPV flights at home. If you want, you can easily upgrade the drones with a FPV camera and fly as advanced pilots in FPV glasses. You will get absolutely different emotions and feelings from flying.

JJRC H36 Eachine E10 with a FPV camera

Considering the prices of similar drones with a camera, JRC H36 and Eachine E010 are cheap drones for kids which are a great alternative to expensive analogs. Besides, the quadcopters are brilliantly controlled and are resistant to collisions and falls. They have a headless mode, a return to transmitter function, and two operation modes “Low” and “High”. The practice has shown that the average length of the flight is 5 minutes. This time is a good result for this segment of drones. The weight of the quadcopter is 21.5 grams. It is ready to fly out of the box (RTF).


  • material quality;
  • strength;
  • handling;
  • dynamism;
  • safe for beginners;
  • ready to fly out of the box;
  • no registration required;
  • price.


  • no FPV camera;
  • the length of flight time;
  • the remote is quite inconvenient.


9. Dwi Dowellin D7

drones for children -Dwi Dowellin D7

This is a portable new quadcopter in 2018. A high-quality product reaches the consumer in a compact transport case that allows not only convenient transportation but also a well-designed compact package. The quadcopter has such important functions for novice users as altitude hold; automatic take-off, landing control, and FPV flight, which is nicely implemented for a budget model. Thanks to the frame protection of the main screws and lightweight, this model is safe and can’t hurt your children. This quadcopter is literally one of the best drones with cameras for kids which is great for honing the initial skills of piloting. It is ready to fly out of the box. Flight time: about 5 minutes. Weight with battery-68 grams.


  • Quality;
  • Design;
  • Portability;
  • Security;
  • 2 MP camera (with adjustable tilt angle);
  • FPV;
  • Voice control;
  •  Price.


  • One battery is included;
  • No built-in memory card port.


8. Eachine E013 SmallPepper

drones for children - Eachine E013 SmallPepper

This copter is a new device in 2017. No matter how careless the pilot may be, it is impossible to do any harm while piloting the E013. Due to the weight of the device, which is only 25 grams, reliable ring protection of the main rotors, low-power collector motors, and flexible plastic base, Eachine E013 SmallPepper is one of the most practical and safe FPV simulators for training UAV piloting at home. It is considered to be one of the best quadcopters among small drones for kids.

Based on our experience, children aged eight years and older can safely master the primary skills of piloting a drone without much difficulty. The producer also significantly took precautions and set the age limit of 14 years. Eachine E013 is available in two versions with and without FPV glasses. Flight duration on a complete battery is 5 minutes.


  • Performance quality;
  • Safe crash;
  • Resistant;
  • Manageability/Stability;
  • FPV camera+VTX;
  • FPV glasses Eachine VR006 (quality/convenience/easy to operate);
  • 3-modes of activity;
  • FPV flight from a box;
  • The weight is only 25 grams;
  • It does not require registration;
  • The price.


  • Closed flight control;
  • No Akro mode;
  • Image format: 4:3;
  • No AV cable;
  • collector motors (small resource).


7. Parrot Mambo FPV

drones for children - Parrot Mambo FPV

Parrot Mambo FPV is an updated FPV version of the popular drone. The producer is a well-known French company-Parrot, which produces not only UAVs but it also promotes navigation and entertainment car systems that work via wireless communication of the new generation «Bluetooth Smart». FPV camera is the only thing that this drone is missing. However, the quadcopter has many additional features, which make it the most functional drone of this kind. The main advantages of Mambo FPV quadcopter are:

  1. HD FPV camera;
  2. a more capacious battery (660mach vs 550mach for the standard version);
  3. a maximum flight time is10 minutes (8 minutes for the standard version),
  4. auto-takeoff and auto-landing;
  5. altitude hold via ultrasonic and barometric sensors;
  6. safe and easy take-off with hands;
  7. fly pad control equipment;
  8. FPV glasses-frame Cockpitglasses 2;
  9. three new flight modes (among them is a close analog of Acro mode). [/stextbox]

In general, this quadcopter is easy to use, dynamic, durable, and made in a modern design. The drone has the function of FPV flight out of the box (RTF). The drone’s weight is 63 grams. Parrot Mambo FPV is a quite expensive and high-quality device.


  • quality / Design;
  • control (smartphone / smartphone + hardware);
  • battery 660 mAh/flight Time (without accessories);
  • HD FPV camera/Parrot Cockpitglasses 2;
  • 3 new flight modes;
  • take-off and auto-landing functions;
  • fast battery charging;
  • remote distance;
  • the device does not require registration.
However, this device has one great disadvantage – the price.


6. Hubsan H111D

drones for children - Hubsan H111D

Hubsan H111D won the consumer’s attention with its futuristic design. The drone predetermined its features and audience. Here you will not find auto takeoff and landing and altitude hold functions. Its main feature of this drone is its first-person view. The producer has equipped the device with a FPV camera working in tandem with an analog video transmitter. It is provided with a full-fledged first-person flight without delay at 5.8 GHz. The quadcopter reveals its full potential when piloting in FPV glasses. The drone’s activity is limited to two flight modes: «Novice» and «Expert». The device can fly out of the box (RTF). The drone’s weight is 17.8 grams. The flight duration is 6 minutes.


  • stable and easy to control;
  • FPV at 5.8 GHz analog frequency (no delay);
  • full FPV kit;
  • dual-mode for beginners and experts;
  • the ability to view record video on the remote control.


  • flight time;
  • built-in battery;
  • insufficient camera viewing angle;
  • horizontal stripes on the monitor screen during flight;
  • the mainboard performs the drone’s frame control.


5. Hubsan X4 H107D+

drones for children - Hubsan X4 H107D+

The Hubsan X4 H107D+ quadrocopter, like the previous three models listed in this article, has earned its recognition for its exemplary handling, performance quality, modern design, and the ability to fly in the first-person view without delay at an analog frequency of 5.8 GHz. The only thing that significantly distinguishes it from its predecessors is the built-in 2MP camera, which is the best among its competitors in the viewing angle (120°) and in the quality of shooting. Flight time with the camera on is 5 minutes. Height retention is implemented using a barometric sensor. It is ready to fly from the RTF box. The drone’s weight is 58 grams.


  • performance quality;
  • new design;
  • ultra-stable quadcopter;
  • altitude hold function;
  • speaker quality;
  • the video quality;
  • the device is compatible with Deviationtx;
  • a silent device;
  • does not require registration.


  • separate charging is not possible without Battery Pack;
  • fragile propellers;
  • video mode lacks the sharpness of the picture;
  • the protocol of control equipment is not compatible with previous Hubsan models;
  • doesn’t include memory card and protection of the carrier screw;
  • it can fly away if the signal is lost.


4. Xiaomi MiTu

drones for children - Xiaomi MiTu

This drone is the most affordable high-tech solution among mini drones for kids in this segment. The drone functions will allow young pilots to master primary piloting skills, first-person flight, and aerial photography quickly and safely. Moreover, this device can provide you with a unique opportunity to implement team air battles, both at home and on the street. The drone’s weight is 88 grams. The maximum flight time is 10 minutes. It can fly out of the box.


  • design;
  • price/quality;
  • stable control;
  • the excellent flight characteristics;
  • camera (the photo quality);
  • air drive mode;
  • built-in storage.


  • no image stabilization;
  • short distance removal;
  • time of flight.

3. Ryze Tello Drone

drones for children - Ryze Tello Drone

Ryze Tello Drone is one of the best offers among UAVs up to $100. Three top producers worked on the drone at once: Raze Technology, DJI, and Intel. It has earned consumer recognition for its high quality, functionality, and ease of operation. Tello’s main feature is support for exciting block programming. The model will allow the young user not only to get the primary skills of piloting a UAV in the first-person view but also to get acquainted with the simplest and most fascinating programming language-Scratch. The drone’s weight is 87 grams. The maximum flight time is 13 minutes. Ready to fly out of the box.


  • design/quality;
  •  control (even via a smartphone);
  • dynamic;
  • functionality;
  • camera (the photo quality);
  • FPV quality;
  • the price.


  • collector motors;
  • no external storage (recorded information is saved on the resources of the paired smartphone);
  • the set does not include a USB cable for charging the drone’s battery.


2. Blade Inductrix FPV

drones for children - Blade Inductrix FPV

Despite its price, Blade Inductrix FPV is one of the most favorable Tiny Whoop among young pilots. The producer offers it in two versions:

  1. A drone + remote control + FPV monitor.
  2. A drone.

It is a high-quality device from packaging to electronic functions. It supports pairing with all the control devices and FPV glasses known in drone racing. A reliable purchase that can give a rush of emotions regardless of age and experience of piloting. First-person view flight is implemented via an analog 25MW video transmitter operating in the 5.8 GHz frequency range with RaceBand support. The drone allows you to broadcast a high-quality video stream at a distance of up to 100 meters. Two safe/Acro flight modes. The maximum flight time is 4 minutes.The drone’s weight is 24 grams. Ready to fly from the RTF box.


  • handling;
  • a good device for beginners;
  • safe;
  • team race support;
  • mobility;
  • ready to fly out of the box;
  • does not require registration.


  • the frame will not last for a long time, it requires additional stiffening during the flight;
  • the price;
  • length of the flight.


1. Hubsan X4 H502S

drones for children - Hubsan X4 H502S

The Hubsan X4 H502S quadcopter has been recognized by young pilots primarily due to its accessibility and a significant set of features: GPS module, ND camera, first-person flight view without delay, follow me mode, a close analog of Acro-Manual mode, the return to home (RTH) mode, and the altitude hold function.

Hubsan X4 showed the best stability for this segment of drones in GPS mode, distinctive handling in all flight modes, as well as indicative dynamics in manual mode. There are no doubts that this device is among top-rated drones for kids. In practice, the flight time in GPS mode with the camera turned on was about 10-12 minutes, as stated by the producer, and 8 minutes in manual mode. Ready to fly from the RTF box. The drone’s weight is 115 grams.


  • design;
  • quality of performance;
  • dynamic FPS GPS module;
  • follow me / Manual mode;
  • altitude hold;
  • return to the transmitter pilots;
  • it is ready to fly from the box;
  • does not require registration.


  • collector motors (low resource);
  • camera (no stabilization).


As you can see, there is a wide choice of different drones for children: from simple devices to real smart computers that can take your children to an exciting journey. Each drone review was made to choose the best device according to your preferences. Due to the development of high technologies, quadcopters have become popular among young pilots. It means that kids drones are quite popular nowadays and you can make your child happy choosing one of these smart drones.


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