Make yourself comfortably – the story about a new Blackberry device is not so simple, and least of all I would like to tell you about it coldly. It is much better to add some colors and feelings to the story. I like that RIM still manufacture unique smartphones not only by functions (though this uniqueness here is illusory) but also by design. So, I also have a desire to tell you about a new Blackberry Pearl with some emotions, as the company undoubtedly wanted to share these emotions with people who would but this device. Let’s remember Blackberry 8100, a deserved and cheap representative of the so-called “blackberries family”.  It is being manufactured and sold for many years. For the majority, it has become the first Blackberry device. For the majority, it is still the only one for many reasons. A plain smartphone with truly huge autonomy. If you don’t use the original battery of the increased capacity, and you don’t use a device intensely (though there is nothing to use there), you can use it at least for a week in offline mode. In addition to it, 8100 was (and still is) beautiful, in my opinion. It will take its place, for sure, in the rate of top-100 beautiful gadgets of the century. It is a living classic. I think that 9100 will repeat its success – I’m sure about it after using the device for a week. I won’t pay much attention to software peculiarities and I’d rather focus your attention on the outer side.

Blackberry pearl

There is a good wire headset, a power-supply charger, a USB-cable in a small box with BB 9100 inside. A flash-card micro SD 2 GB is already in the device. The color of the model is traditional – dark-grey with black. It is a model for men. There are also variants for girls – white, purple, pink, red and others. All the questioned women stated that they liked the device.

power-supply charger Blackberry 9100

Though I’m not a girl, but I can also say that I like the device very much. Those, who are responsible for the external view, have done immense jobs. This monoblock stands out among the other hundred devices. There is something attractive in it, something special. I like the combination of different materials. The front part, buttons and sides of the display are made of black luster plastic, a plastic battery cover is with a pleasant texture and there is interesting material in the middle. It is something like an uneven hard rubber. The speaker is covered with a metal mesh, all the buttons, including functional under the display, are well-moving. All the elements are pleasant to use. There are two flanges on the button “5”, and you can easily dial the number on the off-chance. In the bottom there are two double buttons, end left is responsible for erasing – unusual. The device without a QWERTY-keyboard is not suitable for quick texting, typing addresses or notes, especially after iPhone and Blackberry 9700. The use of BB 9100 is really sad. It is not quick. It is natural, as it is hard to resist a comfortable habit to a convenient keyboard. On the other side, lots of people can text SMS on a usual keyboard even several times faster than me, using an iPhone.

blackberry pearl

In any case, if you are a lazy person (like me), it is not worth buying such a new model of a Blackberry Pearl. There is also a device with double buttons and a full QWERTY-keyboard. It is worthwhile having a look at it.

Protruding buttons on the side ends are a little bit tough, but it is almost the only claim. Pay attention, on the upper side there are three buttons for playback control, they are Play/Pause and rewind. They are not touch-ups, and it is quite good. When you press the central one you will go into the multimedia menu. They are musical and video players, a program for showing photos, ringtones, voice recorder, video and voice notes (a convenient thing, though it is the same voice recorder, in fact). With the rewind buttons don’t try to get fast-forward in the track, I think, it is a bug. So, with them you can just choose the track.

Like all the other up-to-date Blackberries, there is an optical joystick. You will need to get used to it. In fact, it is easy to do it, in the menu you can set the response.

Every Blackberry device has a child disease, connected with assembling (well, almost everyone). Of course, it is also here – the battery cover is moving from side to side greatly. If you watch the video, you will understand what I mean. You can solve the problem if you put a piece of paper under the cover (old famous tricks).

The smartphone sizes are not big, 4.25x1.97x0.52 in, it weighs 3.28 Oz. I like the way the weight is chosen, BB 9100 lies in hand quite good.

Blackberry 9100: review

You can’t pay attention to the portability in design, though it looks small. BB 9100 has a lot in common with more expensive models – bevel faces in the upper and bottom parts, pieces of grey plastic in the back part (also at the top and in the bottom), and the way camera closed, and a flash. The speaker is in the bottom part, a battery cover opens easily, 0.137 in input and micro USB are not covered.

During the usage, the front and the back parts of the device are fast covered with fingerprints, and it is getting on the nerves. Though, it is not so terrible as when you use iPhone 4. There is a light indicator near the speaker mesh, one more branded and very useful thing, I think. It is bright, but you can switch it off in the menu of it irritates.

The display size is not so big, about 2-3 inches, the definition is 360×400 dots. In the settings you can change the font size and other things, as for me, the screen looks nice. A small size made combine the menu in a different way, with the help of joystick in the offline mode, you can choose the sound profile quickly, and move to the connection settings. As for the rest, everything is typical, if you used Blackberry earlier, you will have no questions. I’d rather admit that I tested the device with a usual sim-card “Beeline” without BIS connection. I wanted to get a stable WI-FI, and the application for Gmail is quite good. But, of course, it is not the best choice – any Blackberry must work in its “home” network, with BIS and all the following delights. A sim-card button is made perfectly, a small button, it is clearly seen in the photo.

During the usage I faced that people are quite positive about a well-known symbol on the battery cover. Some days ago, when my friend and I were sitting in the restaurant, a quite earnest man came to us to know what a tiny model of Blackberry I have. As far as I understand he liked the idea of a usual keyboard, but the size and the view of the device didn’t satisfy him. Blackberry users are an interesting society, you can meet different people there. You can even meet earnest officials, discussing Torch with the bright eyes, nothing amazing.

Blackberry standard


A camera of 3MP is not the best variant for taking good photos or videos. Be sure, that using BB 9100 you will have the same. The mobile phone is not for taking good photos and videos.

But all the other functions are perfect. The quality of speech passing is absolutely perfect. All the peculiarities of speakers’ voices are heard quite well. There is an impression that a person is standing next to you. Hand free works nicely, even better than on the iPhone 3Gs.

Perfect sound quality in the headphones – is another peculiarity. BB 9100 can be recommended for listening to music. But the input on the side really irritates, why don’t they do it at the top or in the bottom part of the device?

The capacity, as it is stated, 5 hours in the speaking time, 30 hours of music listening, 18 days in the offline mode. (in GSM, and for UMTS – 13 hours). In the settings you can choose the network mode, 3G or 2G together, or you can use one of them. It is convenient, but I suppose, that such an opportunity doesn’t exist in all the software versions. In fact, the device is working for a long time. This Blackberry, as you see, supports the Russian language quite well.

With every “Blackberry” there is a certain way of using it. BB 9700 is an organizer with mails and notes, but I talked over it not for a long time due to its poor battery capacity. And BB 9100 is quite suitable to be rather a mobile phone than a note with lots of functions. Moreover, there is a usual keyboard there.

As for signal reception – there is also a standard here. I mean that everything is ok here. Now I am in such a location not so far from Moscow, where “Beeline” works badly. For example, the iPhone doesn’t get a signal at all, the signal is appearing and disappearing constantly. BB 9100 doesn’t have such a problem.

Unfortunately, Twitter and Facebook applications don’t work. I can’t understand why it is so. BB 9700 has the same problem when it is connected to the BIS. It can be a dependence on the country, or anything else, please write comments on the forum.

Price and success

Blackberry 9100: review

I think, sooner or later, this device will be sold in our retailers – I suppose, within a year. I liked a new Pearl, but two remarks must be added. If you are going to buy, choose a model with a QWERTY-keyboard. If you want to buy an unusual Blackberry, just to stand out of the crowd, it’s better to buy a torch. A small BB 9100 is good, but it is just a smartphone – monoblock. Well, it is multifunctional, has Wi-Fi, and good sound quality, and many others – but it is still a compact representative of a Blackberry family.

In Moscow it will cost about 25000 rubles – a payment for rarity, first of all. But it remains almost the cheapest cell phone of the company. So, Blackberry 9100 is a tasty fruit for those who can’t imagine his life without this brand. If you are such a person, you can buy this model just right away – you won’t be disappointed. You can even bring BB 9100 from the UK, it will be cheaper and easier for somebody.

For the rest people, I’d rather admit that within a year BB 9100 will be a good choice for the first attempt of using such devices – the price will be attractive.

In general, if you start to compare it with BB 8100, all the changes are visible, but there are some advantages that appeared. The battery capacity is good, the sound quality is much better, the display is better too, the software is more stable, I think, a keyboard (QWERTY) has become more convenient to use. An old Pearl had a bigger size. On the other hand, an updated model is smaller, and for many people it is an advantage. Standard inputs, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G, a perfect external view with the conservative peculiarities of Blackberry – a light indicator, a powerful vibration, and good quality of speech passing and signal reception. Pay attention to this cell phone, if you don’t like up-to-date phones with lots of functions at all, having the specifications like on laptops.

Among the competitors, I can single out Nokia E-series, but, as far as I know, there isn’t such a small device with QWERTY in Nokia. Except for this, it is possible to use more than 10 mailboxes with Push for BB 9100 connected to BIS. Downloading and opening all the attachments is available for 300 rubles a month without any limits (for example, if you connect the phone to BIS from MTS). Having looked at all the functions, I’d say that it is the best budget phone for Blackberry fans.

I hope that at the beginning of the next week I will be able to make a review about Blackberry torch. Let’s have a look at this device, what interesting functions it has.

If you have questions about BB 9100, ask them in comments – I will answer them with great pleasure.


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