Users describe Fitbit trackers as stable devices that work properly most of the time. But it sometimes may happen that bugs or crashes can appear, and there is no choice left except for hard reset. Even if you are a user of such models as Charge, Alta, Versa, Ionic, or even a new model Inspire, you may need to reset one of them. The necessity to reset the device appears when it isn’t responding to any taps, has tracking problems, or synchronization failure. In that case, you will have to restart the tracker or clear the user’s data to bring it back to factory settings. You can find a guideline how to complete the operation in Fitbit here.

Factory reset Fitbit


The following sections will give you a brief description about the so-called “soft reset” of a smart Fitbit-device. It is, in fact, a quick restart of a tracker. But sometimes the users need some additional functions like clear users’ data.

Some Fitbits are simple to use, but some won’t even let you reset them from the device itself. But almost every smart tracker has its own ways to reboot it and start using a clear version. We recommend to complete the following operations to reset Fitbit tracker to factory settings. We also explain how to exit your personal Fitbit account. It is all connected with the latest version, so you will get to know how to reset Fitbit charge 3 watch.

Reset to factory settings

  • Move your finger from your smart-watches or a tracker to the menu “settings”. It depends on the device, but it is usually in the farthest menu from the main screen. If there isn’t anything or your Fitbit doesn’t have a screen, read further how to switch off Fitbit.
  • In the section “settings” find a tab “about” and tap it.
  • Here you can scroll the software version, memory, and many others – but you need the section “Reset settings” or “clear user data”.
  • Depending on your device you will have to confirm the decision to clear your Fitbit to the factory settings. If you agree, tap “reset” or “confirm”.

How to cancel Fitbit linking?

How to cancel Fitbit linking

Linking cancellation will let you log in another Fitbit account. Except for this, you will exit your previous account that you were using. If any problems arose, the actions described below will be helpful to cope with the problem. You will get to know how to setup the tracker. Do the following steps:

  • Take any kind of device operation by iOS or Android. It must be connected with the tracker, of course. Tap an icon of the device in the left top corner.
  • Find in the bottom part of the menu a tab called “delete this…[name of the device]”.
  • Check if all the data and contacts are saved or synchronized, otherwise, after the reset, you will lose them.
  • If everything is ready, you may exit a personal account. Confirm your request by tapping “delete this…[name of the device]”.
  • How to reset Fitbit charge 2 watch or charge 3 watch

    Fitbit Charge

    Though Fitbit smart watches are stable accessories, sometimes they may have bugs, such as sync failure, tracking, or disconnection. It means that you need to restart the tracker to bring it back to a normal operating.

    You can do it from the tracker yourself if you move a finger from a dial to the “settings”. Then find a tab “restart the device”. It is all possible if the tracker is working properly, but if it isn’t responding, you must do other things. Read it below to learn how to reset Fitbit charge 2 watch:

    • Tale a charging cable to make a connection between the tracker and the USB port. Check all the pins. They must be securely locked not to cancel the process.
    • Check the open button from the cable match the button on the smart watch. The connection is ok, when the tracker starts to vibrate. Then you must see the battery icon on the display.
    • Then press the button and hold it for a while, the tracker must restart.
    • In the second version, you should hold the button for about 4 seconds. The tracker starts rebooting when the logo appears on the screen and the watch begins to vibrate.
    • The third version is a little bit different.  The same actions with the button, but hold it a bit longer. It usually takes about 8 seconds to start the process. All the signs of the process remain, the tracker vibrates and the logo appears. So you see that the steps how to reset Fitbit charge 3 watch are similar to the previous version.

    How to reset Fitbit Alta watch or its different varieties?

    fitbit Alta

    No matter what device you are having, the main approaches to the process of resetting remain the same. Alta and Alta HR don’t have such functions in the software that can let you reset the tracker from the device itself. Instead of it, here are the recommendations how to do it on such devices:

    • Make a connection through a charging cable. The first end is to the tracker, the second is to the USB port on the computer or the laptop. Fix the pins to make the connection secure.
    • The signs of a connection are the same as with charge versions. The icon of the battery appears and the tracker begins to vibrate. Then it starts charging up.
    • On the charging cable, there is a button. If you press it three times, with short pauses, you will see the Fitbit logo. Then the watch must start vibrating. They are the signs that the device has rebooted.

    Now you have the idea about how to restart Fitbit Alta watch.

    How to reset Fitbit Inspire or Inspire HR?

    fitbit inspire

    Different versions of the trackers mean nothing in the process of rebooting. It is all the same, like with Alta series. If any problems arose, such as sync or tracking failure, the only thing to do is to restart your smart-watch.

    • Make a connection to the USB port through the charging cable. The first end is put on the backside of the smart-watch. Check the pins. They must be fixed firmly.
    • Find the button there. Press it approximately for 5 seconds, and then release it.
    • The signs of the successful operations are the smiley on the screen and the tracker vibration. Be careful, the tracker doesn’t bring back factory settings. It is just a restart.

    How to restart Fitbit versa watch or ionic?


    Reset Fitbit Versa, Ionic, Blaze are quite simple. They have almost the same approaches to it. It is the easiest example of the company how to handle a smart device. The steps to do it are:

    • Find two buttons on the tracker. The first is on the left part, the second is on the bottom. Hold them together. Then you must see the Fitbit logo. It usually takes for about 10 seconds, not more.
    • When the logo is on the screen, release the buttons together.

    Fitbit Ace


    This model is considered to be used by children. So, the process of restarting here is simplified. It looks like Fitbit Alta. The only difference is the size, as it was created for children. As for the next generation of the tracker, the question is open. No one knows how to restart it yet. Here is a brief description how to reset Fitbit Ace:

    • Start with the connection through a charging cable. All the same, but the end of the charging cable must be connected to the back of the smart-watch.
    • The pins must be fixed firmly, otherwise, the connection will fail. If everything is ok, the tracker is vibrating and you will see the logo.
    • Find a button on the cable. It is necessary to complete the operation. Hold it for about 8 seconds. Repeat the procedure 3 times. Then the tracker must restart.
    • If you see the logo Fitbit after the first attempt, it means that everything was done ok. The process of restarting is carrying on.
    • You can disconnect the charging cable when Ace begins to restart. You don’t need it anymore.


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